Investment Portfolio

F&P4BIZ has started up in the second half of 2019, operating in several industrial sectors through investments (Buy-Side), M&A operations (Sell-Side) and industrial advisory (In-Side).

Test Industry


Test Industry S.r.l. is a company operating in the field of design, production and marketing of test benches for production or laboratory testing activities, through tests of resistance, burst, dimensional, sealing, measurement, in five sectors: “wheels and tyres – automotive”, “leak and flow and special machines – automotive”, “hydraulics”, “aerospace” and “mechanics for industrial vehicles”.

The Group was founded in 2017 in order to integrate two companies, Bimal Srl (Perugia) and Leonardo Srl (Brescia), active in the field of industrial testing, and to lay the foundations to create, consolidating other companies, a global player in its field of reference.

In August 2019, the investment vehicle promoted by F&P4BIZ, together with other institutional investors, purchased 100% of Test Industry’s capital. The transaction was completed through a new acquisition vehicle (“Newco”), in which Leonardo and Bimal entrepreneurs have also reinvested in the context of an LBO transaction.

The main drivers of the operation were:

  • Technological and product leadership with the Leonardo and Bimal brands recognized in the reference sector as among the best-in-class;
  • Scalable business and ideal platform for a buy & build strategy in order to consolidate the highly fragmented target market by achieving a greater global presence;
  • Long-term trends are supportive and related to the increasing demand and need to verify the reliability, quality and performance required on any industrial product that makes laboratory and production testing activity essential;
  • Highly experienced and qualified management team;
  • Business with attractive profitability and high cash generation capacity.


Aritmetika is an English company working in the high end of the digital world. Aritmetika develops innovative technical solutions based upon Artificial Intelligence, data analysis and data architectures that help companies to dramatically improve their performances in the digital arena.

The main drivers of the investment are:

  • Technological and product leadership
  • Scalable business model and ideal platform for a very fast growth strategy, both organic and through acquisitions, achieving in few years a multiproduct-multitechnology presence
  • Worldwide trends showing continuous high growth of “internet related” business, therefore being more and more key for all companies to enjoy the best possible performances in the “digital world”
  • Highly experienced and qualified management team
  • Business with attractive profitability and high cash generation capacity

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