Who We Are

F&P4BIZ is an independent company, founded by Guglielmo Fiocchi and Maurizio Perroni (F&P), designed to help business and finance work together. It’s a boutique provider of tailor-made solutions for companies and investors, based in the heart of Milan but with a global reach.

Guglielmo Fiocchi and Maurizio Perroni, the founding partners of the company who benefit from an extensive professional network, have respective backgrounds in industry and private equity. Their career history guarantees an integrated package of know-how, experience and networking: the result of more than 50 years of professional activity, working with SMEs as well as multinationals, both in Italy and beyond. The skills and network of the founders are complemented by those of the managing partner, Andrea Lovato.

Operating since the second half of 2019, F&P4BIZ is registered with A.I.F.I (Associazione Italiana del Private Equity, Venture Capital e Private Debt).

The Company and its Experience

F&P4BIZ leverages all the skills and knowledge gained from its founders in managing more than 50 Italian and international companies and carrying out more than 40 private equity and M&A operations throughout the world.


  • Supporting entrepeneurs and their business communities both operationally and financially.
  • Facilitating the interaction between business and finance, as a 360-degree reference point for those wishing to invest in business, risk or debt capital.

What makes us Different

  • The track record of its founders, developed through managing more than 50 companies with in excess of 80 plants, as well as more than 40 private equity and M&A operations carried out in Italy and beyond.
  • In-depth complementary knowledge and experience of both business and finance.
  • Management, M&A and private equity skills that are available for both business owners and investors to benefit from.
  • A consolidated network of specialised experts, who can be brought in on a case by case basis if necessary.


F&P4BIZ is an investment boutique in illiquid assets according to the “Club Deal” formula, characterized by a logic of co-investment and co-participation of its Investment Partners “on a deal by deal basis”.

In addition to private equity operations, the services offered by F&P4BIZ include both the development of business strategies and the improvement of business performances with an all-round support of the entrepreneur and his management, with the application of established methodologies.

In addition, the company advises on M&A operations. F&P4BIZ works with entrepreneurs in the industrial and service sectors and with investors interested in not only investing risk capital into businesses, but also following the growth of those businesses closely. At the disposal of both a catalogue of personalized services and advices cut out on the needs and propensities of each client.


All the decisions and actions of F&P4BIZ are governed by knowledge, independence, passion for our work, openness, transparency, integrity and the desire to do the best job possible.


Guglielmo Fiocchi

He is an industrial management expert.  After graduating in Aerospace Engineering at the Milan Polytechnic, for over 20 years he has held top positions both in Italy and abroad, as CEO or General Manager, in large international industrial groups – BTR, Pirelli, Sogefi, Sinterama – with global responsibility in diversified business – B2B, B2C, Retail, OEM, Aftermarket – and industrial sectors – Automotive, Textile, Packaging, Energy Trasmission, Apparel, Transport.

Grown in a family of entrepreneurs since 1876, Guglielmo has plenty of experience in different kind of environments (more than 15 years abroad,UK-Spain and Germany) and different strategies , from growth through innovation or new markets exploitation or acquisitions to turnaround operations and industrial restructuring.

He also adds M&A expertise, as well as extraordinary finance alongside institutional investors. Guglielmo combines the classic managerial competences with mentoring and coaching capabilities , delivering keynote speeches such as Lectio Magistralis at the prestigious Bocconi School of Management  SDA (“ managers as entrepreneur in a multinational company”).

He’s an alumnus board member of Milan Polytechnic (Alumni Politecnico di Milano), from which he graduated with the ‘Iosti’ prize – for the youngest candidate to get MSc with fullnotes. He also invests in start-ups himself. In 2014  he was nominated “Automotive Supplier CEO of the year” (europe.autonews.com).

Maurizio Perroni

Private Capital and M&A expert, he graduated cum laude in Economics at the Rome L.U.I.S.S. University and holds an MBA from Leonard Stern School of Business at New York University. Most of his career has been spent in the Private Equity sector, as Chief Executive Officer and Investment Director in leading operators such as Chase Gemina Italia, CVC Capital Partners, Quadrivio, Siparex, Cape.

He has acquired over 25 years of experience in the investments and in the management of investment portfolios in both industrial and service companies, in Italy and abroad. He has sat on several boards of directors of the investee companies and contributed to support entrepreneur and management in the implementation of the company value improvement strategies.

Chartered Accountant, he is a member of the M&A Commission of the A.I.F.I. (Italian Association of Private Equity, Venture Capital and Private Debt).

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